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Adrian Avena, aka "Jersey Boy", was born and raised in New Jersey. His love for fishing came when his father took him panfishing. Sitting by his father's side, they would patiently watch for the bobber to "tic". It didn't matter if it was 5 minutes or 20 minutes, every tic made his heart jump wondering what on earth could be at the end of his line. Fishing today is no different for him. Every "tic" of his worm, every thud of his jig, and every time his crank bait rod loads up is the moments he lives for.  

Adrian pursued his dream starting on the FLW Tour for  four years, and then competed on the Bassmaster Elite Series for three years (2016-2018). He now  competes on the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour. 

In the offseason, Adrian is passionate about saltwater fishing, commercial conch fishing, home improvement, and spending time with his wife, children, family, and friends. 


Bass Pro Tour

Career Wins: 1

Redcrest Appearances: 3

2019 AOY finish: 37th

2020 AOY finish: 15th

2021 AOY finish: 30th

2022 AOY finish: 12th

2023 AOY finish: 23rd

Pro Circuit 2021 

Top 5 Finishes: 2

Points finish: 12th 



Career Wins: 0

Top 5 Finishes: 2

Top 10 Finishes: 5

Top 20 Finishes: 16

Classic Appearances: 1

2016 AOY Finish: 45th

2017 AOY Finish: 46th

2018 AOY Finish: 48th

Image-6 (3).png


Career Wins: 2

Top 10 Finishes: 10

Total Events Fished: 50

Cup Appearances: 3

Years As FLW Tour Pro: 4

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